Immersive technology uses

An “immersive experience” pulls a person into a new or augmented reality, enhancing everyday life (by making it more engaging or satisfying) via technology. They often use one or more technologies linked together Examples.

The technologies available to us today make it easier than ever to create immersive experiences that people love. Here are some of the most common types and examples of how brands have used them successfully.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) uses technology (like a camera and screen on a smartphone) to add a computer-simulated layer of information on top of the real world. AR can be considered an enhancement of the world around you – rather than creating a new virtual world like VR, it simply adds (or subtracts) information that is already there. For mobile marketers, AR is hot right now… the market has grown 106% in the last 3 years alone and is expected to grow another 30% by 2021

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) immerses the user inside a digital simulation they can interact with. Stimulating as many senses as possible is key to ensuring the user feels like they really are in that virtual environment. And most VR experiences (but not all) will use special hardware to do so.
VR has the potential to be a huge disrupter in the near future for marketers of all kinds. PwC predicts that it (and AR) could add $1.8 trillion to the global economy by 2030

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR) is an enhanced version of AR, tying in elements of VR as well. It often integrates entire virtual objects into the real world vs. simply adding information, with the goal of creating an even more immersive experience than AR could alone.
The MR market is currently in hypergrowth—expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 71.6% according to Allied Market Research

Digital Twins

Digital twins are near-exact virtual models of real-life objects, processes, or systems. They are most commonly used in manufacturing or engineering to simulate physical things for the purpose of optimizing or studying how they behave before building them.
Other applications include healthcare or even digital recreations of entire cities.

360º Content

360º content is a photo or a video you can “explore.” As the name suggests, 360º photos and videos are shot in every direction at the same time and let you rotate the viewing angle to see what’s “around you” as you view the video/picture.
Over half of marketers agree that video has the greatest ROI of any marketing content. 360º content is an important immersive marketing tool for mobile marketers for the same reason.

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