User behavior driven decisions and product development

Developing a product is not just about the code or the tech stack. The user‘s behavior refers to the simplest terms of how users communicate with a given product. You need different interface tests to assess usability and functional design to evaluate user behavior. You can track and evaluate numerous user metrics such as clicks, browsing, session length, and conversion rates. A basic example would be if you experience an increase in usage of your product before the previous months, Tracking user activity gives you an inside look at how people interact with your site and what obstacles or hooks they experience in their journey as your customers.

Why are people coming to my website?” or “Why are they are not using a certain functionality in your product?

When you want an answer to pressing business questions such as “Why are people coming to my website?” or “Why are they are not using a certain functionality in your product?,” traditional analytics alone can tell you that quantitative activity is happening, but can’t give you any of the ‘whys’. That's where user behavior analytics comes in, with tools that help you get a full picture of user behavior

Some important steps in the production of a functioning, intuitive software consumer behavior.

  • Implement thoughtful and deliberate measures
  • Discover Patterns in Habits
  • Map Insights onto the user journey
  • Complexity is Ugly
  • Use Automation
  • Iterate
  • Never assume and always check, data is right 95% of the time


  • Get real, first-hand insight into what people are interested in, gravitating towards, or ignoring
  • Identify points in the customer journey where they get stuck, struggle, get confused, and leave
  • Investigate how specific pages and sections are performing
  • Understand what your customers want and care about

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